Sleep Well & Thrive Events – WSP 2023

Sleep Well & Thrive Events - WSP 2023

WSP Events 2023

Ahna is a force of nature. Her message, her amazing tone, and her stories told with powerful care make you want to be your best. When it comes to improving performance, everyone wants a silver bullet – well it’s sleep, and Ahna is the expert.

Gary Bertwistle

Author, speaker and founder of Tour de Cure

A few of the organisations Ahna has worked with

Ahna de Vena is a sleep and wellness consultant, focused on driving transformation in cultures, organizations, and lives. Her core mission revolves around enhancing workplace performance through programs that empower individuals to harness the power of revitalizing sleep for increased energy and productivity.

With a steadfast commitment to addressing the global challenge of sleep deprivation—a critical health concern—Ahna leverages her extensive professional background, including collaborations with organizations like the International Labour Office, to inform her work with a wealth of experience.

Her distinctive approach to improving sleep quality has evolved over more than two decades of clinical practice as a holistic sleep therapist, complemented by her expertise in group facilitation and her personal journey to conquer insomnia. Notably, Ahna’s audio sleep guide has been featured on Qantas inflight entertainment, a testament to her unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the world of sleep.

What people are saying

Ahna presented her fantastic Sleep Well & Thrive program to our staff and the results have been amazing. The number of staff that have reported a positive impact on their lives post the program has been overwhelming and I would definitely recommend this program to any employer that is looking to support their staff with tools to assist their mental health through sleep improvement. Thank you again Ahna!

Graham Foley

Chief Executive Officer, ICI Industries Pty Ltd

Anna was fantastic. She pitched the presentation perfectly, very relaxed and informative with a good balance of theory and practical skills that could be taken away. We’ve received very positive feedback (I’ve never seen so many positive comments about a facilitator’s voice!) and would love to have her back.

Sarah Holmes

Manager, Nelson Tasman Business Trust

Ahna presented her dynamic program to my staff and they’ve all commented on the positive impact it’s had on their health and productivity. I personally found it life-changing and the additional energy I have as a result is fantastic.

Mark Borg

Principal, MBA Financial Strategists

Ahna delivered many seminars on stress reduction and sleep improvement for our company over five years. She presented to a broad range of people from the industrial floor to the boardroom and she could relate to them all – I’ve always had wonderful feedback about Ahna and her work.

Annette Milligan

Director, Ramazzini Work Place Health & Safety
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