One honest minute can change your life

Mar 11, 2021 | Sleeping well

Do you ever feel as though you’re being propelled through life at a pace that’s out of your control, and then find yourself doing things that go against what you truly want?

One honest minute can change everything.

If you can pause for a moment, and listen to what your heart desires—and how you truly wish to live this one precious life…
You’ll gain the clarity you need to begin the process of change.
Then your life will become more than an exhausting slog. 

You can move towards feeling fully awake. Totally alive.

Try this:
Let your next out-breath be longer than usual
Drop your shoulders and soften your whole face and jaw
Notice the rise and fall of your breathing
Just pay attention to your body 
Give yourself just a few moments to come home to yourself
To your heart
Ask yourself “How do I feel right now and what do I truly need?”
Lean inward and listen
Just listen