Invitation to work with me 1-on-1

This is an invitation for successful go-getters who are suffering from too little or poor quality sleep and want ample (7+ hours) of high-quality sleep consistently so they can stop feeling every day is excruciatingly hard because of exhaustion, brain fog and running on empty all the time.

We work together for six weeks on the following things:

1) Reducing the overall stress and anxiety in your body and mind caused and worsened by lack of sleep. We’ll also increase your capacity to handle and manage stress and upgrade your inner state from tense to calm.

2) Cultivating your ability to fall asleep with ease – without medication or alcohol. This includes vital sleep education, developing mind-calming skills and practical habits that train your body to know it’s time to go to sleep and prepare you for high-quality sleep. You’ll also be guided to make any necessary adjustments to your home to support your sleep recovery.

3) Learning my process for falling back to sleep with ease if you wake in the night.

4) Addressing the deeper issues contributing to sleep disturbance, such as emotional turmoil, energetic disruption, and other subtle concerns that are unconscious and difficult to access and overcome alone.

5) Creating a mindset reflective of a great sleeper and solidifying your confidence in sleeping well consistently. Then, if you do hit a bump in the road, you’ll have the mental and practical capacity to return to great sleep quickly.

6) Learning my morning process for waking up with loads of energy, a clear mind and a positive outlook that lasts throughout the day.

I’ll customise the above 6 topics to meet your individual needs and the specific issues and challenges you’re facing. Sleep is extremely delicate and personal. I’m masterful at tuning into what’s really holding you back and blocking your innate ability to sleep well, and also how to work with you specifically – at the best pace and in the most suitable way.

The content of this program results from my 20 years of experience studying sleep, coaching thousands of people in my private practice as a sleep therapist and working as a corporate wellness trainer.

You’ll get customised 1:1 coaching calls with me, detailed guidelines, unlimited private access over Messenger in-between calls, high-quality audio tracks, video trainings and PDF’s to support the process of building new sleep skills, knowledge and habits that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

To be the best candidate for this offer, you’ll be someone who does not have other significant physical or psychological challenges. (It’s harder for me to help people who have severe addictions, medical issues that may be disrupting sleep, or are going through menopause.)

The price for this offer is a low-four-figure investment but small compared to the ongoing pain, limitations and lost opportunities caused by chronic exhaustion, frustration, and poor life quality—living days you’ll never get back in a grey zone of half-awake, half-alive.

Over the past twenty years, most of my clients have arrived telling me they’ve given up hope and believe they’ll never sleep well again. But then, within two weeks, their length and quality of sleep increases, they have steady energy throughout the day. By the end of the program, they look back in disbelief at how drained, weary and hopeless they were just six weeks earlier.

If you’re interested in this offer, press the golden button below and send me a message, please tell me: your main sleep challenges, how long they’ve been going on, and how they’re affecting your health and life. We’ll communicate over email to see if this is a fit for you and if it is we can get you started in the program immediately!

Thank you, and I look forward to chatting with you.


Are you ready to thrive?

Happy Clients

Within three treatments with Ahna, my sleep problems, which had been part of my life for nearly 40 years, were conquered! I continue to use the strategies she gave me when sleep problems arise – always associated with high stress. I’ve recommended Ahna to many people and had nothing but wonderful feedback about her work.

Annette Milligan

Director, Ramazzini Work Place Health & Safety

Ahna presented her fantastic “Sleep Well and Thrive Program” to our staff and the results have been amazing. The number of staff that have reported a positive impact on their lives post the program has been overwhelming and I would definitely recommend this program to any employer that is looking to support their staff with tools to assist their mental health through sleep improvement. Thank you again Ahna

Graham Foley

Chief Executive Officer, ICI Industries Pty Ltd

For more than 20 years I suffered from disruptive and too little sleep. Ahna guided me through doable steps that helped me regain my ability to sleep well. She used a variety of techniques which were life changing. I now wake up inspired! My capacity to problem solve and be innovative has sky-rocketed. I feel fantastic.

Luke Roberts

Managing Director, Cape Public Relations

Ahna opened our minds with her informative and expert knowledge on stress reduction and sleep improvement. She delivered the seminar with total engagement, enthusiasm and passion. This topic is a must for all CEOs.

Ray Bridgewater

Chairman, The Executive Connection (TEC)

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