Reclaim your energy and high-performance mind

Personalised 1-on-1 Sleep Recovery Program

Reclaim your energy, joy and high-performance mind

1-on-1 Sleep Recovery Program

Reclaim your energy, joy and high-performance mind

1-on-1 Sleep Recovery Program

Holistic Sleep Therapy

If you’re tired, anxious, running on empty, and always limping between caffeine or sugar hits—change is possible. However long you’ve struggled with sleep, Ahna offers new possibilities where you thought there were none.

You can reclaim your health and vitality and get 7+ hours of high-quality sleep every night with Ahna’s 1-on-1 Sleep Recovery Package. Over twelve weeks, Ahna guides you through a personalised process that restores your natural ability to sleep well.

You’ll be able to unwind naturally in the evening, enjoy going to bed and fall asleep with ease. You’ll also know how to return to sleep quickly if you wake in the night. Ultimately, you’ll have loads of energy, a clear mind and maximum daytime aliveness, so you can live your best life.

Over twelve weeks you will:

1) Develop the ability to fall asleep with ease without medication or alcohol. You’ll learn Ahna’s 3-phase Sleep Prep Process, mind-calming skills, vital sleep science, and practical habits that train your body to know it’s time to go to sleep and prepare for high-quality sleep. You’ll be guided to make any necessary adjustments to your home to support your sleep recovery. You’ll stop dreading evenings and avoiding your bed out of fear of endless frustration. Instead, you’ll enjoy your evenings, knowing you can calm down naturally and drift into profoundly restorative sleep.

2) Reduce the stress and anxiety in your body and mind caused by lack of sleep. You’ll also increase your capacity to handle and manage stress and upgrade your inner state from tense to calm. In addition, you’ll acquire One-minute Mood Shifters—powerful skills that change your body chemistry and state in less than a minute, PLUS the Ultimate 10-miniute Stress Soother.

3) Learn Ahna’s Back to Sleep Easy Method so you can fall back to sleep easily if you wake in the night. This is a 5-phase method that’s proven to work over twenty years with thousands of delighted clients. Imagine feeling calm when you wake in the night and then easily returning to sleep.

4) Address the deeper issues contributing to sleep disturbance, such as emotional turmoil, energetic disruption, and other unconscious concerns that are difficult to access and overcome alone.

5) Create a supportive mindset and solidify your confidence in sleeping well consistently. Then, if you hit a bump in the road, you’ll have the mental and practical capacity to return to great sleep quickly.

6) Learn Ahna’s Morning Peak Activation Process to activate your brain and body for optimal daily performance with the 4-essential wake-up strategies. Stop experiencing mid-morning and afternoon slumps or leaning on your favourite crux to get through the day.

7) Stop out-of-control cravings and drop unwanted weight and sluggishness. Insufficient sleep disrupts peptides that regulate appetite, leading to blood sugar roller coasters, poor food choices, binge eating and consumption of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Say goodbye to cravings for food and stimulants during the day and being reliant on alcohol to unwind at night. Instead, enter a naturally balanced state in harmony with your innate ability to sleep well and wake up energised.

What you get:

  • Customised coaching calls 1:1 with Ahna over zoom or phone
  • Support via text or voice messages in-between calls
  • Eight audio tracks that guide you into deeply nourishing sleep and equip you with the ability to calm yourself to sleep, plus one audio track that creates new neural pathways to support your transition to being a great sleeper

  • 4 Video trainings that teach you invaluable sleep skills and de-stress techniques
  • PDF’s outlining your key practices for high-quality sleep
  • Transformational knowledge and skills you’ll use for the rest of your life

Why work with me?

The content of this program results from Ahna’s 20 years of experience coaching thousands of people in her private practice as a sleep therapist, working as a corporate wellness trainer and ongoing study in the field of sleep health.

Over the past twenty years, most of her clients have arrived saying they’ve tried everything, and think they’ll never sleep well again. Then, within two weeks, their length and quality of sleep increases, their stress decreases and they have steady energy throughout the day. By the end of the program, they look back in disbelief at how drained and hopeless they were just six weeks earlier.

Listen to how Steph went from being sleepless and dysfunctional, to living a full and vibrant life after working with Ahna.

If you’re interested in working with Ahna to fast-track your sleep recovery, press the button below, and fill in the application today.

Happy Clients

Ahna’s program enabled me to conquer my sleep problems, which had been part of my life for nearly 40 years! I continue to use the strategies she gave me if sleep problems arise – always associated with high stress. I’ve recommended Ahna to many people and had nothing but wonderful feedback about her work.

Annette Milligan

Director, Ramazzini Work Place Health & Safety

Working with Ahna was mind-blowing. It changed my entire life. I have a lot more energy now. I’m alert, more relaxed and generally calm, not overthinking as much or getting anxious over small things, and the depression has lifted.

I now feel 100% solid in my ability to sleep well consistently, and I’m also sharing what I’ve learned with my mates.

Daniel Nicholas

Apprentice Electrician

I was only getting 4-5 hours of light sleep a night when I first met Ahna. I felt frantic, like a chook running around without a head, and was obsessed with tracking my sleep on several devices. The time I spent on my own, trying to rest or sleep, was filled with dread and anxiety; it was the noisiest part of my day. ⁣⁣
Since completing Ahna’s 1-on-1 program, I have zero anxiety about sleep and never track it. I feel calm and have a deeper connection to myself. The baseline of my life has shifted, and I now sleep like a Queen! ⁣⁣Ahna’s quiet wisdom, calm presence, and profound guidance inspired me to a whole new way of being.⁣

Victoria Edmund

Business owner

For more than 20 years I suffered from disruptive and too little sleep. Ahna guided me through doable steps that helped me regain my ability to sleep well. She used a variety of techniques which were life changing. I now wake up inspired! My capacity to problem solve and be innovative has sky-rocketed. I feel fantastic.

Luke Roberts

Managing Director, Cape Public Relations

I worked with Ahna after spending time without sleep due to high anxiety. It had never happened to me before. My heart was racing, and my mind could not find peace. I was desperate and so exhausted, I wasn’t myself anymore. She embraced me with her soft voice and gentle presence and I immediately felt I was going to make my way through the dark tunnel. Slowly but surely, as Ahna worked her magic, my nervous system was able to calm down and hope took my hand. I can relax and sleep like a baby now. She really knows what she does. Don’t hesitate a minute if you have any kind of sleep problem.

Fabienne Sallin

Nurse, mother, artist

After four years of ongoing insomnia I had gone down many different avenues trying to fix my sleep. From hypnotherapy to acupuncture and kinesiology, nothing worked for me, and everyday life had become a huge struggle after getting only a few hours of sleep on a good night. I finally turned to antidepressants out of desperation for sleep.

Then I decided to work with Ahna, and I can happily say it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life—since then, my whole life has changed. I sleep around 7hrs every night, I feel excited to go to bed instead of anxious, and I move through life feeling happy, energetic, clear-minded and inspired. Thankyou Ahna! I’m so grateful for the work you do, and for every day I wake up feeling well-rested and ready to take on the day.

Steph Weisse


When I found Ahna, I was so unhealthy from lack of sleep and stress I was at the end of my rope. I was only getting 2 to 4 hours of sleep per night. My days felt like a ping pong ball bouncing between spaced out and foggy, irritated by everything, crying, or feeling totally off. My weight was ballooning and my blood pressure was at stroke level daily—even with taking four doses of blood pressure medication. In a nutshell, I was a mess and knew I couldn’t keep functioning like this. I feared my body wouldn’t keep going.

I’d tried everything, from melatonin, prescription medications, teas, and warm milk. If someone told me about it, I’d give it a try. Doctor after doctor. Sleep studies. Nothing worked and my sleep continued to worsen.

Finally, I found Ahna and signed up for her sleep coaching, and what I got was so much more. In the very first session, she taught me things about sleep that put my mind at ease, showed me a trick that actually lowered my blood pressure, and the miracle part was I didn’t feel like a high-strung rubber band about to snap any more. My nervous system was relaxing, and my body was releasing stress and tension. That was just after one session.

I now sleep 6-7 hours a night, take much less time to fall asleep, and all the anxiety around sleep is gone. I’ve been able to drop off one dose of blood pressure medication and have also dropped some weight. I’ve reined in my emotional eating and so much more.

Working with Ahna and being blessed with her calming presence and vast sleep knowledge is a miracle for me. The changes that are happening are incredible. I feel like a human being again!

Kristina Russell

Business Owner — Executive VA

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