How to think like a great sleeper

Aug 12, 2021 | Sleep tips

If you haven’t slept well for a while, you probably think about not being able to sleep quite often, and maybe you even believe you’ll never be able to sleep well again.

Even though it’s reasonable to think in this way if you’ve had problems with sleep for a while— it’s not helpful.

These thoughts are one of the main causes of sleeplessness because whatever we focus on most governs our actions and ultimately becomes what we experience.

Consider this: If you decide that you want to go to Spain –then you think about going to Spain, talk about going to Spain, and take all the necessary steps that will get you there. However, you don’t decide to go to Spain and then focus on going to Russia.

It’s the same with sleep. If you focus on not being able to sleep – guess what… you end up not being able to sleep. Repetitive thoughts create a groove in your mind that deepens every time you have a similar thought until the groove gets so deep that you fall into it often. This is how habits get created.

People who sleep well never doubt that they will sleep well. This habit of expecting a good nights sleep supports them in being great sleepers.

One of the most powerful things you can do to support yourself in reconnecting to your bodies natural ability to sleep well is to shift your focus to thoughts and memories associated with sleeping well.

The audio track called ‘My body knows how to sleep’ will create a new groove in your mind to bring you into a consistent rhythm of nourishing sleep and vibrant wakefulness. The more you listen to this recording, the deeper the new groove will become, and you’ll effortlessly start acting from these new thoughts—rather than from the old, habitual ones.

I highly suggest you listen to this recording every night throughout the program and continue listening to it every night for another three weeks. I recommend this because it takes approximately one month to create a new habit.

If you cultivate the habit of thinking about sleep positively, you will become a great sleeper.