Client Case Studies

Total Sleep Recovery

I was only getting a few hours of poor-quality sleep each night when I first met Ahna. I was working crazy hours in my business—pushing myself to keep going in the evenings, then waking up at 2 or 3 am and working more. I spent my days tired, and my brain didn’t function well, so tasks took much longer than necessary. Staying organized and remembering everything was also very challenging! When I managed to spend time with my family or tried having a date night with my wife, I’d fall asleep, which was horrible for everyone.

Working with Ahna changed everything. I feel like a different person now. My biggest takeaway is feeling entirely in control—I know how to maintain getting excellent sleep. I start my days feeling refreshed, and my energy is sustained throughout the day. I have superpowers when it comes to brain function, which has been an incredible shift. I also know effective bio hacks that enable me to make the most of my time. When interacting with my five kids and beautiful wife, I’m alert and present and able to truly enjoy my family.

Throughout Ahna’s program, I learned many new things about myself and my body that I never knew before. It was like an epiphany. I’ve done a lot of study on the mind and how the brain works, and learning so much about sleep on so many levels was fascinating and helpful. There was a steady improvement in my sleep and overall well-being throughout the eight weeks—which felt like building blocks every week that gave me the firm foundation and the solid structure I need to be in control of my sleep. It was a phenomenal experience that is ongoing.

David Douglas

Lead UX Designer, Father of Five

When I found Ahna, I had not slept more than 1-2 hours a night in many weeks and sleep was not good before then. I was at the end of my rope. I’d tried everything and been to every specialist with no luck. My toolbox was empty, and I was so tired. I truly thought I had too many issues sleeping and had them for way too long and that there wouldn’t be anyone who could really help me. In a last-ditch attempt, I posted to Facebook asking if anyone had success with recovering from long-term insomnia and someone recommended Ahna and boy, was she right!

My poor body and mind were in a crisis zone, health was getting worse and worse. My blood pressure was nearly stroke level every day even though I was taking 4 doses of blood pressure medicine per day! I was so sick and tired and pushing through my days to pretend to be a functioning human in other people’s eyes was only making everything worse. And truthfully, I never really wanted to let anyone know how bad things were, but I was close to breaking down mentally and physically to a level I may not have recovered from. I scheduled a meeting with Ahna as a last resort. I was grasping for help! And I am so thankful I invested in her coaching. I even second-guessed spending the money on myself but the reality was I couldn’t afford not to do it.

She first started off by helping me learn some simple techniques that would help me be able to step back from the edge of the cliff. Some techniques calmed my nervous system, helped me take the pressure off trying to force my sleep and understand that rest is essential too, one even helped lower my blood pressure! I remember telling my husband if I learned nothing more than what she taught me in the first session, it was already worth so much to me. She followed my needs and my state of mind to design sessions that taught me more and more about sleep, how to sleep well and to recover my health in so many other ways. Her gentle approach was so kind and so amazing and never felt overwhelming or too much to do.

She really takes a whole life impact approach and helps you sleep well, take the stress out of sleepless nights, and deal with a racing mind but also helps improve all aspects of life with the basis being in great sleep. And nothing was scary or seemed out of reach for me. With every step, she would build on the last steps she gave me and I felt empowered and enlivened. If you are feeling at your wit’s end, too tired to think and don’t know where to turn: Ahna is the one to turn to. I couldn’t say enough or share enough to tell you the positive impacts she has had on my life and those who love me. I am a better me for them and me. Thank you Ahna!

Kristina Russell

Office Manager and VA

Within three treatments with Ahna, my sleep problems, which had been part of my life for nearly 40 years, were conquered! I continue to use the strategies she gave me when sleep problems arise – always associated with high stress. I’ve recommended Ahna to many people and had nothing but wonderful feedback about her work.

Annette Milligan

Director, Ramazzini Work Place Health & Safety