Sleep is great for business

In 2016 the Australian economy lost 17.9 billion dollars due to seven million sleep-deprived employees.

 Report by Deloitte Access Economics 2017


Ahna de Vena works with organisations, government agencies and individuals, addressing the global health crisis of high stress and sleep deprivation. She provides practical solutions that create immediate, sustainable change, increasing health and performance.

Ahna knows first-hand how stressful and traumatic sleep deprivation can be, having battled insomnia for eleven years early in her life. The resulting burnout and recovery process changed her outlook, her health and her mission. Now she works to help people attain high quality sleep, greater resilience and richer lives.

Since 1999, Ahna has presented to thousands of people in Australia, Europe and New Zealand. Her unique and engaging approach transforms lives fundamentally and permanently.

“There's no doubt Ahna is a force for nature. Her message, her amazing tone, her stories and the powerful care she brings to every speech and interview just makes you want to relax, recharge and prepare to be your best. Everyone wants the silver bullet, well it's sleep folks and Ahna is the expert. We've had Ahna as a special guest on The Mojo Radio Show many times due to her popularity and the topic. Ahna always brings an essential, beautiful and empowering message that has helped people in all parts of the world.”

Gary Bertwistle

Author, speaker and founder of Tour de Cure

70% of your employees are half asleep

In a 2016 national study, 70% of Australian adults admitted their everyday performance is impaired by lack of sleep.

This fatigue epidemic costs businesses dearly. The Sleep Health Foundation’s 2017 report; Asleep on the Job: Counting the cost of poor sleep found lack of sleep directly contributes to:

  • workplace accidents
  • absenteeism
  • compromised learning


  • inefficient leadership
  • poor decision making
  • diminished creative capacities

Practical sleep-enhancing programs produce better leaders and improve bottom lines as a 2016 McKinsey study involving 81 organisations and 189,000 people around the world clearly showed.

Ahna de Vena partners with businesses to help boost productivity by empowering employees to manage anxiety and get adequate rest every night—so they can show up for work with all engines firing.

Put the force back into your workforce

Ahna's interactive presentations are packed with practical tools your team can use immediately to enhance health, resilience and results.

Participants learn:

  • Simple strategies for managing stress and preventing burnout
  • How to be energetic and productive throughout the day
  • Practical skills for slowing down a busy mind and getting consistent deep sleep

Corporate and Leadership Programs

Ahna gives your people the energy and clarity needed to maximise personal potential and achieve organisational objectives. These practical trainings address the limiting issue of ongoing fatigue that is so common in high achieving business, yet often ignored. Be a step ahead. Empower your workforce with critical tools for actualising true success.

Bespoke Training
Customised to work within your existing learning framework or as a standalone module aligned to your business strategy.


Seminars for Conferences and Retreats

From stressed-out managers and unfocused employees to strained relationships at home, the ripple effect of fatigue touches us all. Ahna provides sleep-enhancing tools and techniques that lead to fulfilment and lasting individual and organisational success. In a world that never sleeps, energise your event with the gift of rest.

1-3 hour tailored presentations that speak directly to attendees, leaving them empowered and inspired.

What participants say

“Ahna opened our minds with her very informative and expert knowledge on stress reduction and sleep improvement. She delivered the seminar with total engagement, enthusiasm and passion. This topic should be a must for all CEOs.”

Ray Bridgewater

The Executive Connection (TEC)

“Our members are still raving about the keynote Anna gave at our AGM a year ago, they think she’s utterly awesome.”

Administrative Professionals Group, New Zealand

“My sleep improved immediately once I started using the skills I learnt at Ahna’s seminar. Now I get a good night’s sleep even when travelling on business.”

John Greeves

International Labour Office

“Ahna delivered many seminars on stress reduction and sleep improvement for our company over five years. She presented to a broad range of people from the industrial floor to the boardroom and she could relate to them all – I’ve always had wonderful feedback about her work.”

Annette Milligan

Director of Ramazzini Work Place Health and Safetly

“Our staff enjoyed Ahna's seminar and her soothing voice (I've never seen so many comments about a facilitator's voice on feedback forms). She gave us many practical ways to manage stress and improve sleep in an experiential and entertaining way, which have had a lasting effect.”

Erika Halsegger

Human Resources Adviser, Nelson City Council

“Ahna’s seminar was excellent and helped make our conference a great success–clearly engaging attendees and sending them away with many valuable skills and concepts to enhance their personal and professional lives.”

Professor Robert Nordlinger

The Executive Connection (TEC)

“Ahna’s keynote was the perfect combination of style, message and spirit. There were many beautiful moments and following the event I’ve had countless comments about the power of her presentation.”

Gary Bertwistle

Author, speaker and founder of Tour de Cure

“Anna was fantastic. She pitched the presentation perfectly, very relaxed and informative with a good balance of theory and practical skills that could be taken away. We’ve received very positive feedback and would love to have her back.”

Sarah Holmes

Manager, Nelson Tasman Business Trust

“Ahna presented a dynamic workshop to my staff and they’ve all commented on the positive impact it’s had on their health and productivity. I personally found it life-changing and the additional energy I have as a result is fantastic.”

Mark Borg

Principal, MBA Financial Strategists

Companies Ahna has worked with

Wake up your business. Enliven your event.

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