How I fell in love with sleep

When I realized that living a vibrant life isn’t just about what I do during the day but equally about how well I sleep at night—everything changed for me.

Regaining my health and enthusiasm for life became my greatest passion, leading to a journey of over two decades of guiding others to reclaim healthy sleep patterns.

I trained in several forms of natural medicine and stress reduction methods, however my initial source of inspiration came from lived experience.

At 23, after completing a degree at Sydney University I worked as a designer in film and theatre. I was winning professionally, but losing on the wellness front.

From sleepless to sleep superstar

Lack of sleep had been an issue for 11 years and I was stressed 24/7. I was on the verge of a breakdown.

Then it happened.

I collapsed one day and woke up in hospital.

After being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and offered life-long medication, I realised I needed radical change.

I made a radical choice.

I committed to healing and coming back to life. I studied several forms of natural medicine and took a deep dive into myself—into the unknown places I’d been too afraid to go.

After four years of intensive study and self-inquiry, I regained my health and to my utter relief, I’d built the capacity to quiet racing thoughts and calm overwhelming emotions.

I’d eradicated one autoimmune condition and was managing the other—all without medication. I now knew how to maintain my new found health plus, I had a degree in Botanical medicine, and qualifications in Counselling, Practical stress management, Hypnosis, Macrobiotic nutrition, Oki (Japanese) yoga and Zen bodywork.

Quality sleep transformed my life.

I was experiencing more personal wellness than ever before and wanted to share what I’d discovered with others.

Leading a sleep resurgence

I began teaching children and teenagers in schools and was soon working with people of all ages across all sectors.

My first private practice was in Sydney, Australia, then Geneva, Switzerland, and then Nelson, New Zealand.

During the first decade of coaching individuals, I observed what worked for my clients and formalised Holistic Sleep Therapy.

I now have a private practice that spans the globe and present my corporate workshops to companies worldwide.

My approach is practical, encouraging, and focused on initiating immediate improvement and establishing sustained change.

I’m also the founder and director of The Sleep & Dream Foundation—a charity that assists children and families who’ve experienced trauma to sleep well. Use the link below if you want to know more.

We all have a natural ability to sleep well. But in this modern world of disruptive technology, workplace and social demands, and lack of quality downtime, many of us need to re-learn how to get the quality sleep we need to thrive.

That’s where I come in. I’m the beginning of your Sleep Revolution, and you’ll soon be in love with sleep too.

Giving back: The Sleep & Dream Foundation

Many children are struggling to sleep.
I felt moved to help them in a very practical way.